Alladeen | A Cross-Media Performance


Marianne Weems The Builders Association | Motiroti





Alladeen is a large-scale cross-media performance created as a collaboration between the New York-based ensemble The Builders Association and the London-based company motiroti. Directed by Marianne Weems and co-conceived and designed by Keith Khan and Ali Zaidi in collaboration with The Builders Association, Alladeen features a cast drawn from both companies.

It combines electronic music, new video techniques, an architectural set, and live performance to explore the myth of Alladeen, better known as Aladdin, the Arabian Night's tale immortalized on page, stage and screen. Alladeen draws on the lives of citizens living in the hybrid, global cities of New York, London, and Bangalore - each a city where many cultures collide. Aladdin's story is a perfect vehicle for this "collision" since it is one that has been revised and re - told many times. This archetypal rags - to - riches story has traveled from Asia, to India, to England, to America, and each culture has borrowed, stolen, and reinterpreted it from the last. Similarly, the interaction of ethnicity and cultures within these sprawling metropolises blurs the line between identities, and reflects how cultures reinterpret each other's signs and stories.


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