Super Vision | A Cross-Media Performance

Concept/ Direction

Marianne Weems The Builders Association





Super Vision explores the changing nature of our relationship to living in a post-private society, where personal electronic information is constantly collected and distributed.

The data files collected on us circulate like extra bodies, and these "data bodies" carry stains that are harder to clean than mud or sin; from birth certificates to bad credit, every moment of activity contributes to the construction of one own data body. These bodies, separate from our physical bodies and infinitely more accessible, exist in a "data space" which, because it is inherently more complex than the visual, remains mostly invisible. Super Vision makes that space visible. It will illustrate a multi-faceted, multi-layered narrative using the language and technologies of surveillance itself. The data in which every character is immersed both surrounds the story and serves as a "trail" through it. Super Vision combines cutting-edge digital animation, new video techniques, an architectural set, electronic music, and live performance. We will use computer animation not only to create an artificial 'space' but also to overlay information and data onto the 3D world of the theater and create an immersive environment with which the performers will interact.


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