The Age of Unbeauty


Garry Stewart Australian Dance Theatre





Pulling no punches, The Age of Unbeauty twists through an avalanche of potent images and unanticipated moments of quiet, sad tenderness and shattering vulnerability.

The extraordinary dancers of the Australian Dance Theatre hurl, fly, thrust and recoil, drawing upon their disciplined and extreme training in gymnastics, breakdance and the martial art of Hapkido to bring Stewart's stark and heart rendering vision of a haemorrhaging world reeling under a barrage of violence to the stage. Incredible movement, sound, lighting and lush film effects earnt this work the highest accolades in its work-in-progress season. The Age of Unbeauty is risky, technically demanding dance that is at once wrenching and riveting to watch. The Age of Unbeauty has been seen at the 2002 Adelaide Fringe Festival and the 2003 Melbourne International Festival of Arts. It has won a number of prestigious Australian awards, including: Outstanding Achievement in Choreography, Outstanding Performance by a Company and Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer at the 2002 Australian Dance Awards and an Adelaide Critics Circle Group Award.


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