Live Movies: A Field Guide to New Media for the Performing Arts

Malone, Kirby
Gail Scott-White (Eds.)

Resumé : Live Movies is constructed as a field guide to new media for the performing arts, not the guide. It is for the performing arts, both the artists and producers, and the disciplines, theater, opera, music theater, performance art, dance, dance theater, music concerts and puppetry (all divided from each other by the Industrial Revolution, according to Jacques Attali). It is also intended to prove useful to artists and organizations who create architectural installations, exhibitions, films, pageants, spectacles and any number of other projects which rely on, and are exploring, new media. This book is also addressed to the general reader who is curious about the interplay among humans, machines, information systems and culture(s). Cinematic and visual “literacy” have prepared today’s audience for new forms of narrative and stage design. This field guide is intended as a resource to the field(s) of the performing arts, new and traditional, for both experienced experimenters and for those just beginning to work with multimedia technologies, and most particularly those who work with a modest, limited budget.