Ethnoscénologie : la chair de l’esprit

Pradier, Jean-Marie

Résumé : Ethnoscenology is a new ethnoscience (1995) based on the need to avoid any form of ethnocentrism in the study of performing arts and practices in their cultural, historical and social context. Ethnoscenology is placed in relation to ethnomusicology, performance studies, ethnodrame, theatre ethnology and theatre anthropology (E. Barba, 1979). The notion of performative practice derived from the neologism proposed by J. Grotowski (1997) as a useful conceptual tool for elaborating a general scenology. According to this perspective it is necessary to abandon one-dimensional strategies in research, to adopt a transdisciplinary perspective including ethnolinguistics and neuro and cognitive sciences and to build dialogue among opposite views of different scientific expertise and those of the performers themselves.